Our Intermediate course is for sailors who have their Basic Cruising Standard certification  with some additional practice or with  plenty of experience sailing in keelboats. The Intermediate Cruising live aboard course is highly recommended for people who are interested in chartering or owning a boat. Once you successfully complete this course you will be able to cruise safely as both skipper and crew of a sailing yacht of 8 – 12 meters in moderate wind and sea conditions by day. If you plan on bareboat chartering or  to own a cruising sailboat this course is for you.

There are a number of options for the certification awarded:

Sail Canada Intermediate

Sail Canada Intermediate(Bareboat Skipper) Standard

Option of IYT International Bareboat Skipper and/or ICC Contact us for details.

Topics Include:

    • Cruise planning & living afloat

    • Navigation using charts and compass

    • Two crew-overboard methods

    • Managing the ship’s internal systems

    • Sail trim and rig tuning

    • Advanced docking and maneuvering

    • Flying a cruising (asymmetrical) spinnaker

Completion of the Basic Standard and further sailing experience are prerequisites for this course.See the standard  New for this year you need to get Basic Coastal Navigation in order to obtain your intermediate certification . We have developed a Basic navigation course which is completed on-line. If you wish to do this course later I have developed  notes to give you the basics of navigation but without the Basic Navigation certification we cannot complete Intermediate certification even if you are successful in the course.

You will develop Improved sailing skills, emphasizing efficient sailing, including sail trim, helming technique controlled gybing and tacking. We also practice additional methods of return to a crew overboard, including short handed techniques See a video of the quick stop return to a crew overboard that is taught in this course and we will discuss the full response to several emergencies. If time and conditions permit, we will also experience flying a cruising spinnaker. The course is taught in a 6 day (5 nights) live aboard format. At least 4 nights are spent in idyllic anchorages and one night at another Marina or Yacht Club This longer format coupled with a small class size and superb cruising area provides sufficient time for coaching and practice to meet the skills required.

The course fee includes reprints of a number of articles, various pamphlets, detailed notes on the ashore knowledge and other publications for coastal cruising and bareboat chartering as well as certification with Ontario Sailing and a seal for your logbook.

New Course added in early October LAB 11 Contact us to book

Course ID Course Dates Remaining Places Course Status
LAB 2 Mon -Sat 5-10 June 2017  0 Full
LAB 4 Sun-Fri 25-30 June 2017  0 Full
LAB 5 Sun-Fri 2-7 July 2017 0 Full
LAB 6 Sun -Fri 16-21 July 2017  0 Full
 LAB 7 Tu 8- Sun13 Aug 2017  0  Full
LAB 8 Sun-Fri 20-25 Aug 2017  0  Full
LAB 9 Sun-Fri 3-8 Sept 2017  0 Full
 LAB 9A  Sun-Fri 10-15 Sept 2017  0  Full
LAB 11 October 1-5 0 Full
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Any of the Basic or Intermediate/ICC courses can be taken as a private course or on your boat. We can combine levels if feasible.