New! Sail Canada Courses in St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

Wavelength Sailing School has partnered with Barefoot Offshore Sailing School  to provide Cruise and Learn Courses meeting Sail Canada Standards in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Use the contact form below for more information

Barefoot Offshore Sailing School- 

The Barnard family have sailed in the Grenadines for over two centuries and  have  operated Barefoot Yacht Charters in SVG since the 1980s. Philip Barnard, the current managing director, is a professional racing sailor with encyclopedic knowledge of sail boats of all types. He established Barefoot Offshore Sailing School about 20 years ago, and has grown it into the most active American Sailing Association (ASA) sailing school in the south-eastern Caribbean.

Sail Canada certification in SVG- 

Through our partnership, we now offer Sail Canada certification using our experienced Sail Canada Instructors through BOSS. BOSS runs courses, both monohull and catamaran every week of the year, in one of the most beautiful sailing grounds in the world.  St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) consists of 32 islands in the southern Caribbean.  Each island is about 1/2 day sail from the next, which offers trade wind sailing between the islands, combined with gorgeous, sheltered anchorages.  SVG, which in general is less touristy than some other Caribbean destinations, was unaffected by the major 2017 hurricanes that caused so much damage in the northern Caribbean.  SVG has strong connections to Canada: many SVG citizens have relatives in Canada and are particularly welcoming to Canadians.

For more information on sailing in SVG or on these and other courses leading to Sail Canada qualification -contact us by Email:

Use the form below to contact BOSS to enquire about Learn-to-Cruise opportunities offering Sail Canada certification in SVG.  Then visit to obtain your Basic Coastal Navigation certification (required for Intermediate Cruising), and to prepare for your course by obtaining your Basic or Intermediate Ashore Knowledge certification.

If you are interested in Chartering form Barefoot Yacht Charters you can also contact them through this form.

Air Canada now has direct flights  Toronto- St. Vincent-Toronto on Thursdays December 2017 to April 2018 We can arrange courses Thursday-Thursday.


The Basic Cruise and Learn  covers an introduction to the theory and practice of sailing a larger keelboat. It is intended for this with little or no experience and covers the basics of sailing, motoring and  anchoring in a live aboard environment. There are no prerequisites.



The Intermediate Cruise and Learn  covers extensive coastal cruising in a live aboard environment. It is the recommended standard for boat owners and charterers,  Basic or cruising experience along with Basic Coastal Navigation and Radio Operators certificate are pre-requisites.


The Advanced course covers coastal Passage Making up to 100 miles from shore by Day and night in any conditions.Essential for those planning extensive cruising or becoming an Instructor. Intermediate Cruising and Intermediate Coastal Navigation are pre-requisites.

CONTACT FORM for Courses with Barefoot Offshore Sailing School in partnership with Wavelength Sailing School