Basic Day Agenda


This is an example of an agenda the actual agenda may be different depending on where the crew want to visit ,weather etc.




Introductions & welcome icebreaker

Ashore Session 09:00 -1200

  • Discuss sail theory – what makes a boat sail
  • Points of sail West 18-24
  • Duties of Skipper & Crew West 25
  • Safety Briefing
  • Rules of the road West p60 Safe Boating guide

Dockside Introduction to the boat

  • Terminology
  • Parts of the boat West 6-
  • Directions West 16&17
  • Safety equipment Safe boating Guide, West p 30-
  • Engine West p77
  • Sailplans West Safe boating Guide West p 26
  • Getting underway West p84

12:00 LUNCH

Afloat session Rest of Day

  • Practice leaving the dock (As crew)
  • Raising sails West p123-
  • Practice sailing to all points of sail
  • Tacking
  • Gybing
  • Return
  • Docking (As crew) West p91

Review the day’s activities

Day 2

Ashore Session 09:00 -1030

  • Discuss buoyage system Cards poster
  • Navigation lights West p 58 Safe Boating guide
  • Knots                West p41
  • Discuss Weather   West p97-

Afloat session

  • Practice manoeuvering under power discuss prop walk
  • Practice points of sail
  • Practice tacks and gybes
  • Identify buoys en route by reference to the chart
  • Heaving to West 147
  • Reefing Mainsail West 149-
  • Docking

Review the day’s activities

Day 3

Ashore Session 9:00–11:00

  • Emergencies                               West p109
  • Sailing in reduced Visibility                West p107
  • Common Sources of fire & explosion West p65
  • Safe Refueling procedures West p66
  • Tide and Current Tables West p169
  • Anchors & Anchoring West p185
  • Discuss crew overboard procedures West p178-
  • Discuss hypothermia ,cold shock, heat stroke CO poisoning  West p69

Afloat session

  • Practice points of sail
  • Practice crew overboard
  • Practice Anchoring


Review the day’s events

Day 4


Ashore Session 09:00-10:00

  • Discuss Chart & Navigation West p156, local chart, Chart 1
  • VHF Radio West p 156
  • Review PCOC as needed


Afloat session

  • Practice points of sail
  • Practice crew overboard
  • Practice navigation
  • Option review theory
  • Pump out holding tank
  • Top up fuel, water
  • Return to mooring
  • Clean boat

Exams: 3 Hr.

Wrap up and individual review

  • If the exam has been completed before the course Ashore Knowledge review will be modified accordingly.

References are to the text book “Basic Cruising Skills” by Gillian West, included in the course package.